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Why did I test it? In my current Java project, I make some use of JavaScript. Performances were quite horrendous with Rhino in java 6 and 7, but in Java 8 there is a brand new JavaScript runtime: Nashorn. Its principal feature is that it's much faster ...
Jun 29, 2015
12:52:00 PM
Nov 18, 2014
12:40:00 AM
So I recently acquired a free https certificate from StartSSL. All well and good, this was fairly easy. Now, I have 4 files at my disposal: ca.pem pk.mydomain.com ssl.crt sub.class1.server.ca...
Apr 16, 2013
12:37:00 PM
With Java 8 lurking in the corners about to make its coming out, here is a comprehensive list of the new features anyone can expect in there. Functional interfaces, lambdas and functions are probably the most interesting ones.
Mar 27, 2013
4:16:00 PM
It's a question that everyone with a website should have in mind all the time, and often a question that is pretty hard to answer. I mean, how do you know how your website is doing? You can open it up, but that says nothing of what it looks like to your ...
Jan 26, 2013
7:34:00 AM
You haven't migrated to Java 7 yet? Well, it looks like you will have a bigger incentive soon. Java 6 will have its last public release on the 19 February 2013. After that, you'll need to pay to get the security fixes and bugfixes. That's what you get ...
Dec 4, 2012
2:02:46 AM
In this section, I mean to share a few classes I've been writing and I think may be somewhat useful. Already one tool available: the RedirectFilter. This class will help you to set up static redirections on any web app.
Feb 16, 2011
1:20:00 PM