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Why did I test it? In my current Java project, I make some use of JavaScript. Performances were quite horrendous with Rhino in java 6 and 7, but in Java 8 there is a brand new JavaScript runtime: Nashorn. Its principal feature is that it's much faster ...
Jun 29, 2015
12:52:00 PM
Is it possible that a single company be responsible for both the best browser out there along with the worst one? As it turns out, yes it is possible, and yes it does exist: Google. Since the first release of Chrome, it has become my browser of choice: ...
Jun 24, 2013
5:24:00 AM
ColorFinder is a small javascript library that detects the main color in an image. The algorithm is simple and flexible. By the way of a callback method, you can influence the results by favoring certain types of colors. You can find it here: ...
Jun 20, 2013
9:19:00 AM
I've setup a small page where I share my findings in trying to optimize the implementation of lz-string. This work will continue in the coming weeks. You can leave a comment in this blog entry for any feedback.
May 21, 2013
1:19:00 AM
lz-string is a compression program for JavaScript in the browser, based on LZW. It is fast, meant for localStorage or any other string-based storage in JavaScript, and is particularly efficient on short strings. All can be read on the home page: ...
May 9, 2013
2:27:00 AM
It's a question that everyone with a website should have in mind all the time, and often a question that is pretty hard to answer. I mean, how do you know how your website is doing? You can open it up, but that says nothing of what it looks like to your ...
Jan 26, 2013
7:34:00 AM
From a developer's perspective, a web application (called a website back in the days) is made of two parts: The server side code and the client side code. Writing a program for a web browser is something different than writing for a server. Most of the ...
Nov 19, 2012
11:30:50 PM
You can find below a link to a very nice article on how to do Drag and Drop on all browsers out there. Very well written and comprehensible. http://weblogs.java....
Nov 7, 2012
5:01:00 AM
It most certainly looks like it's the intent. The major contributors behind the website do add some credibility to the claim: W3C, Google, mozilla, Microsoft, Opera, Apple, Adobe, facebook, HP, NOKIA. Well... that's ... impressive. Go and take a look for ...
Oct 8, 2012
10:15:00 PM
Here are the resources I use most when it comes to responsive design, html or plain css needs. In other words my bookmarks. Use them as you wish, and many thanks to them for their work. This page will evolve as I find new resources of course. CSS3 ...
Oct 7, 2012
2:06:00 AM