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Continuing on my journey to find the proper set of fonts for my website, I was a little surprised to see the way the different vendors handle native fonts in CSS. In this realm, there are three players that handle both the OS and the browser: Apple ...
Oct 26, 2014
11:19:00 PM
I was looking to freshen up my blog's CSS. It's that time of the year. After looking here and there, I decided I wanted a condensed font for my headings. Sans Serif. This seemed like the right thing to do. A condensed font is a font that is a little ...
Oct 11, 2014
2:29:00 PM
Reeder has always been my favorite app for reading my multiple RSS feeds. Simple and elegant, it allows preloading of all your feeds so that you can read them in the subway for example. RSS feeds are usually short summaries of blog entries, and almost ...
Oct 5, 2014
2:27:00 AM
Is it possible that a single company be responsible for both the best browser out there along with the worst one? As it turns out, yes it is possible, and yes it does exist: Google. Since the first release of Chrome, it has become my browser of choice: ...
Jun 24, 2013
5:24:00 AM
As you may have seen all over the web, Samsung's new flagship phone is now the best selling phones of all. At least, it was last quarter. Will it last or not is a completely different story with the recent release of the iPhone 5, but it sure means one ...
Nov 10, 2012
7:56:00 AM
I've set up a test page to find out the media features values of a device. Since then, I've been doing some testing with various devices. Here are the results of my investigations. You will find values for number of mobile devices / browsers after the ...
Oct 18, 2012
1:05:00 AM
In the world of web design, we often talk about responsive design. The concept is really simple: Design your content to flow normally on a small screen (say, an iPhone), and then work your way up by adding so-called media queries to add stuff when you ...
Oct 15, 2012
1:31:00 PM