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As you discovered with my previous entry, I was looking for nice condensed web fonts (read: native) for my headings. Well, I found plenty for everyone but for Chrome on Windows. Chrome issue is troublesome for me because this combination represent 30% of ...
Oct 15, 2014
6:08:00 AM
I was looking to freshen up my blog's CSS. It's that time of the year. After looking here and there, I decided I wanted a condensed font for my headings. Sans Serif. This seemed like the right thing to do. A condensed font is a font that is a little ...
Oct 11, 2014
2:29:00 PM
Is it possible that a single company be responsible for both the best browser out there along with the worst one? As it turns out, yes it is possible, and yes it does exist: Google. Since the first release of Chrome, it has become my browser of choice: ...
Jun 24, 2013
5:24:00 AM
Apps aren't the only things you can run whenever you are offline. Websites can too be run offline, but only if they were meant to.This nice little page, while not being exhaustive by any measure, shows you how to make that work: ...
Apr 4, 2013
4:08:00 AM
Yes, Opera will soon be using WebKit as its rendering engine instead of the custom built Presto. Now, for the average web developer that didn't bother testing on Opera (desktop and/or mobile, and/or mini) it will not change anything. For web developers ...
Feb 13, 2013
7:48:00 AM
In this second article, we will focus on the buttons bar at the top of many iOS apps. Below one live example: We will see the toolbar, buttons (in two states: active or not), and tabs. Hop on to see the details.
Dec 18, 2012
3:20:00 AM
In this entries series I will show how to make UI elements that look like iOS ones. This includes buttons, tabs and toolbars. This approach is entirely based on HTML and CSS and calls for no image. The point is for these elements to be more lightweight ...
Dec 4, 2012
1:14:42 AM
From a developer's perspective, a web application (called a website back in the days) is made of two parts: The server side code and the client side code. Writing a program for a web browser is something different than writing for a server. Most of the ...
Nov 19, 2012
11:30:50 PM
You can find below a link to a very nice article on how to do Drag and Drop on all browsers out there. Very well written and comprehensible. http://weblogs.java....
Nov 7, 2012
5:01:00 AM
It most certainly looks like it's the intent. The major contributors behind the website do add some credibility to the claim: W3C, Google, mozilla, Microsoft, Opera, Apple, Adobe, facebook, HP, NOKIA. Well... that's ... impressive. Go and take a look for ...
Oct 8, 2012
10:15:00 PM
As every web developer will tell you, the iPhone's browser is a common target. It is popular and it is the most advanced version of WebKit - at least with this level of popularity. With iOS6, Apple introduced a number of things in there, and here is an ...
Oct 8, 2012
7:40:00 AM
Here are the resources I use most when it comes to responsive design, html or plain css needs. In other words my bookmarks. Use them as you wish, and many thanks to them for their work. This page will evolve as I find new resources of course. CSS3 ...
Oct 7, 2012
2:06:00 AM
The IE awareness initiative is a very important project. If you own or design web sites, please join the initiative. Indeed, IE is becoming more and more of a pain for web developers. Why should others know about it? If you don't know, don't bother with ...
Oct 5, 2009
1:26:00 PM