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SPV C500 - Follow-Up

Well, I thought that after 6 month you can get a more in depth review. First of all, I am not a reviewer, so forgive me, but I have tested only stuff that I use.

I have tested reading. I have actually done a bit of reading on my phone since then and the screen is big enough to be pleasant. Tiny eBook Reader is my reader of choice.

I have tested the alarm. I wake up every day with the ring of my smartphone. When it rings. Because after a long enough runtime, it just doesn't ring anymore. No error message, no nothing. It just stops working. Workaround: Reboot the damn thing before going to bed. It has worked so far, but I've lost something precious in the meantime: Trust in my phone-that'd-like-to-be-a-PDA. And keep on reading for more.

The camera works on the same grounds. After a couple of days, the camera stops working. So you have to run the task manager and kill unused tasks. Yeah, there's no way to kill an application, so after a while, memory gets clogged. All the games, browsing, music playing and all just leave their processes in memory. So you've got to kill them off.

After a week of runtime and enough activity (games, reading, play videos, etc...), the camera will just stop working as well. And there, no amount of task manager is going to save you. Reboot is necessary.

After all, it is a phone. Well, errrr... the phone works also on the same grounds. After a while (few week's runtime) the phone stops working as well. Nothing seems wrong, but you can't call anyone (the call just fails) and noone can call you (the phone doesn't ring).

So all in all, if you really want to use that thing, you have to reboot it once a day, at least. And then the boot-up time becomes an issue (see my previous entry on the subject).

Good job Microsoft at screwing up this Windows Mobile thing so badly.

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