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iOS 6's new web browser

As every web developer will tell you, the iPhone's browser is a common target. It is popular and it is the most advanced version of WebKit - at least with this level of popularity. With iOS6, Apple introduced a number of things in there, and here is an article listing all the new things every mobile web developer should know about.

Typically, new versions of iOS are adopted pretty quickly. iOS6 is no exception, being already installed on 60% of iPhones and 45% of iPads, just two weeks after its release.

These new features will be available very soon to a sizeable percentage of your mobile traffic, making them a reality you can build upon.

Update on the Oct 25th, 2012According to the latest Apple keynote announcing the iPad mini among other things, already 200 million devices are loaded with iOS6. Time to have a look !

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