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the ultimate resource for Web technologies?

It most certainly looks like it's the intent. The major contributors behind the website do add some credibility to the claim: W3C, Google, mozilla, Microsoft, Opera, Apple, Adobe, facebook, HP, NOKIA. Well... that's ... impressive. Go and take a look for yourself.

The goal of this site is to be the place to come for answers to your trickiest (and simplest) development and design questions about the Open Web Platform.

The companies have come together to provide developers with a single source of all the latest information about HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, SVG and other Web standards. The platform will also offer references, tutorials, live examples and best practices on web development as well as web technologies. It is supposed to be independent from vendor, browser and platform.

Now, let's not get carried away. It is actually in an alpha form and is pretty much empty of much content. Most pages are indexes that point to empty pages. In other words, it is the starting point.

There is a sub-section of the site called Web Platform Docs, which is an open wiki.

Anyone can contribute to WPD. To get started, you'll first need to register and verify your email address. There are many ways to contribute that take varying amounts of time and expertise. Often it's best to start with the simplest, fastest tasks and progress upwards from there as you gain expertise and experience. You can make meaningful contributions whether you have five minutes, half an hour, or half a day.

All in all, a very promising platform which - if it lives up to its promise - will be a great starting point for all things web. I'll try to contribute a bit to the platform to get a first impression. That cannot hurt. I will follow up on this.

Edit: It's over. The site is not maintained anymore.

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