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Windows 8

Just a week old, already on my nerves

So, they made this new interface. It was once called Metro, but we now are instructed to not call it that way. That's all good. But how do we call it then?

The problem is I want to blog about it. So what?

Let's call it Metro. The hell with it.

So, now that that's settled, let's get started to my first issue about it. Nothing too bad really. It's just... either immature or just fucked up. Here is what I did.

I bought Windows 8 online about a couple of weeks ago. I received it. I am no fan of "upgrades", I'd rather do just fresh installs. Just a habit. So I format my drive, install windows 8 (specifically telling it to do a fresh install not an upgrade). All is well and good. The thing installs, starts up, and I start playing with it.

Let's make a pause now. Because installing almost requires you to open an account at Microsoft. I guess MSN or some other crap. That's the default route. The button "Continue without a Microsoft account" almost looks like you're going to cancel the whole thing if you ever click on it. Ok, let's forget about that.

Now that I've bitched a bit, let's give credit where it's due. During the installation process, Windows shows you how to pop the right menu in. I would never have guessed. That said, it is just the basics of how the damn thing works. I keep finding myself typing on Google (not Bing dammit) "How to shut down Windows 8" and other such basic things. Ah... I see, I was supposed to give credit. Ok. Good job guys.

Now, after a few hours of happy usage it asks for me to Activate my version of Windows. I know, it sounds weird and alien, specially if you're not a windows user. I am (or should I say was?) So I know what it's all about. I click on "Validate Now", it shows some nice "Metro" UI, and I enter my key. And it fails. The error message is just useless. Something like "It failed. Please enter something valid you useless cretin." I don't remember exactly. I try again. Same response. And again, and again.

That's a bit unsettling, wouldn't you say? So I let it go thinking the Microsoft online activation service must be down.

Three days later, Windows bugs me about activation about every quarter of an hour. It is too much. I search "Activate" and ... waitaminute !!! TWO apps show up to activate windows!

The first one is the one I know. Unkind. Not understanding. The second one is the regular non-Metro app. It looks definitely as mean as the first one, but I try it. After all, I've typed my product key about 10 times now, I almost know it by heart. And then, the error message appear: "Your key is valid only for an update, not for a standalone install." Well, if the f**king Metro app would have told me so before !!!!

Hmmmm. This is embarrassing. It's not displayed anywhere on the box. Oh well... I have a Vista license so I'll get it in.

I put my Vista CD in, reformat and before long, I realize that maybe, just maybe, the Vista license number would have been enough. But it's too late, the whole process has started. I wage my options and I decide that it's worth it. I eject the Vista DVD in mid-install, reset forcibly the computer and get the Win8 DVD in the drive. Install restarts. I hope the Vista license key would be good enough.

The thing installs.

Now I know what to do: hunt for the activation app and feed it my Vista license number. I get it. I find it. I open it. And it tells me my product is perfectly activated as of now.

Go figure.

End of rant.

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