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Technical Bookmarks

I have released my web-related bookmarks in an entry titled HTML and CSS resources. Here is another section about more general links to serve general IT and technical project needs.

These are the resources I use most when it comes to tooling my technical projects. In other words my bookmarks. Use them as you wish, and many thanks to them for their work. This page will evolve as I find and use new resources of course.

Versioning and dependencies management

  • Nov 28 2012 http://semver.org/ Versioning seems like the last of your concerns... when you work only with a few packages. But when you depend on dozens of packages and those packages have major or minor updates on a weekly basis, you need to know exactly what to expect without necessarily reading the 100+ lines release notes. Versioning is one way of achieving this goal. Semantic Versioning is a good starting point to make something simple and straightforward. Adapt to your needs if you need to.
  • Nov 28 2012 Speaking of dependencies, here are two tools to manage dependencies in Java and .Net. http://maven.apache.org/ http://nuget.org/ Keep in mind that those are dependencies management tools. Use them if you need something to manage your dependencies. If your project just depends on commons-io and jQuery, you probable should pass. These will be more trouble than they are worth.


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