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This looks like the stupidest question ever. The short answer: Yes, but not really. From a pure technical standpoint, computers are getting faster. The P4-2GHz that I have in my PC right now is certainly faster than the 286-12MHz I had a decade ago. There ...
Feb 8, 2005
1:42:00 AM
You will hear here and there a lot of things about software patents. Some will consider them evil, usually developpers or open-source prone people. Some will see benefits in them, usually large companies. From here on, we can already see from where the ...
Feb 7, 2005
1:35:00 AM
Let's start with a little explanation on what I am talking about. Most of people that are familiar with CDs know that you can either burn a CD-R or a CD-RW. CD-R can be burned once, while CD-RW can be burned and then erased to be re-burned. DVDs are ...
Feb 4, 2005
1:21:00 AM

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