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In the world of web design, we often talk about responsive design. The concept is really simple: Design your content to flow normally on a small screen (say, an iPhone), and then work your way up by adding so-called media queries to add stuff when you ...
Oct 15, 2012
1:31:00 PM
I've been designing websites that adapt to the width of their browser since my very first website in 1995. Back then, it pretty much meant paragraphs that are wider on a larger screen. If anything, it looked weird. But I could not let myself waste all ...
Oct 11, 2012
2:18:00 PM
You've got a website. Good for you. There is a good case to be made for online advertising. And there is an equally compelling case to be made against. Whether or not you should include advertisement to your website is out of the scope of this little ...
Oct 9, 2012
3:52:00 AM
Here are the resources I use most when it comes to responsive design, html or plain css needs. In other words my bookmarks. Use them as you wish, and many thanks to them for their work. This page will evolve as I find new resources of course. CSS3 ...
Oct 7, 2012
2:06:00 AM

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