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Pure madness

The other day I was waiting on a disqus blog to start up, loading the comments section. I have a 20MB/s ADSL line. I can download at 1.8 Mega Bytes per second without any issue.

The browser was spinning for so long that I decided to hit F12 in Firefox and headed for the "Network" tab. I hit F5 at that stage.

When everything was finished loading I could read:

340 requests, 7 557,42 KB

Granted, the content was available way before everything was loaded. But still. 7 Megabytes. 340 requests... This is PURE MADNESS!

Then again, buzzfeed.com's home page:

223 requests, 9 382,25 KB

Ok, ok, this is buzzfeed. Let's go to the nytimes.com.

283 requests, 8 158,95 KB

The biggest page of the website I'm currently working on shows:

40 requests, 198,45 KB

Out of these, there are 32 images that come out of a DB. And I find that too high and am trying to reduce it.

This. Is. Madness... Pure madness. But it seems to be the web today.

The good news is, on the performance front it is quite easy to get an edge. There is always an opportunity :-)

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