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nodejs error ?

I'm testing a node client <--> server chat program, and was wondering if your script was working for sending base64Strings.
It is working and it is not working :S ;)

A simple test gives me this:

var stringex = "This is my compression test.";
console.log("Size of sample is: " + stringex.length);

var compressed = Base64String.compress(stringex);
console.log("Size of compressed sample is: " + compressed.length);
string = Base64String.decompress(compressed);
console.log("Base64String Sample is: " + string);

var compressed3 = LZString.compressToUTF16(stringex);
console.log("Size of compressToUTF16 sample is: " + compressed3.length);
string = LZString.decompressFromUTF16(compressed3);
console.log("compressToUTF16 Sample is: " + string);


Size of sample is: 28
Size of compressed sample is: 10
Base64String Sample is: ThisismycompressiontestA
Size of compressToUTF16 sample is: 17
compressToUTF16 Sample is: null

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nodejs error ?

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