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iOS6 - Mode panorama

I recently upgraded my iPhone 4S with iOS6. A few novelties made the change a nice one, but no clear revolution. Of course the "Maps" app did undergo a major overhaul but that's for another entry.

But there's something else new that I'd like to talk about: the panorama mode of the camera.

Before going any further I have to confess that I've been looking for a good panorama app for ages. I have all the panorama apps of the AppStore. And they all share the same two flaws:

  • The resolution of the result is very low, usually around the same as the camera. That makes a very small image almost useless.
  • The artifacts in the resulting pictures are just too much - even at the extra low resolution. You need to be extra careful in order to generate an acceptable picture, making the entire process a strenuous one.
On iOS 6, both those problems are gone. Jut fire up the camera, tap "Options" and "Panorama". There you can tap the shutter button and start sliding your phone sideways. If you're going too fast, it'll tell you so.

Then you get a big image (28mp) and very very few artifacts. Without putting much care in your shooting.

Below a couple of examples. Click on the thumbnail to view the image in its native resolution. These are a few of the first panoramas I took, still discovering the feature and not paying much attention.