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Apple is so great

Apple invented the personal computer with the Apple II, igniting the personal computer revolution. Apple is unique in that regard.

Apple made the mouse ubiquitous and popular, as well as the GUI. That's goundbreaking.

Apple changed twice of CPU architecture (68k -> PPC -> x86) in their computers, maintaining backward compatibility. That's no small feat.

Apple invented what we know today as being a smartphone. "The smartphone revolution". That was Apple starting it.

Apple introduced tablets and is arguably the biggest tablet manufacturer in the world. In fact, it produces one third of all tablets produced. Wow!

No other company has that track record.

Yet, Apple, to this day, still fails at making available to devs the number of pixels available for a webpage. CSS doesn't know. JavaScript doesn't know. HTML doesn't know. There is no way.

No other company has that track record indeed.