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Remote real time computer monitoring

Conkw is a new project I've been working on for a few month. It stands for web-based Conky.

Just like Conky, it is aimed at hobbyists that want a small dashboard where their most essential data is displayed. CPU, temperature, fan speeds, but also the weather forecast, stock market, latest emails received, etc.

Unlike conky, the metrics are exposed through a REST API and there is a HTML UI to display your stuff on any browser. The goal is to find some use to the old ipads/tablets/laptops we all have lying around. You can put them next to your screen and have your metrics displayed there, with no real estate consumed from your screens. The UI has been properly prepared to run on old browsers.

The very nature of the web based architecture allows a conkw running on a machine to send all of its metrics to another central one for instance. So it is right out of the box ready to monitor a large park of machines, all reporting to one or more central instances.

It is also very lightweight to deploy as it stores nothing, it is real time! As such, one other way of using it is to gather all of your monitoring data through one instance, and have all that data exported to grafana, graphite or any other monitoring system that stores data.

Hop on the github for more details.

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