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A bit late, but better late then never, right? Here is my talk at devoxx 2018:
Jan 8, 2019
12:02:00 AM
I subscribed to Facebook in January 2008. It was the trendy thing to do, and I found it quite useful. It brought a new type of connection with my friends. I had friends abroad with which keeping in touch was a bit challenging. We could now interact ...
Oct 15, 2018
12:27:51 AM
I'm not going to rehash it all, Beth Skwarecki said it perfectly, with practical tips and tricks: https://lifehacker.c...
Sep 28, 2018
1:59:00 AM
It's all in there: http://labs.criteo.c...
Jun 1, 2016
4:49:00 AM
It's the first time for me that a HDD in a raid1/5 array fails on me. I guess there has to be a first time for everything. Anyways, I have a 6-2TB disk raid5 array for a total capacity of 10TB. I've had that array for now about 5 years. It's filled ...
Apr 5, 2015
6:43:00 AM
I know, I'm a programmer. And as such, everyday or so of my life for the last 20 years I've written code. Most of it has been thrown away by now, but a good chunk is still alive and kicking. And what happens to this code now? Well, from time to time ...
Mar 31, 2015
12:21:00 AM
Okay, so we already had a look at both services on the desktop. It's now time to get to the iPhone for a mobile app comparison. Why the iPhone? Because on Android, you cannot use iTunes Match. It's that simple. On the Apple's front, the default music app ...
Feb 14, 2014
12:17:00 AM
My iTunes Match subscriptions isn't working anymore (some tech issue that will be fixed soon I hope) so I got to test Google Play Music for a couple of weeks. That's great! In this first post, I will compare both services on the desktop. There is a ...
Feb 10, 2014
1:27:00 AM
So, I'm not going to write the umpteenth review of Limbo, the game by PlayDead. There are plenty already. But one thing bothers me about this game. Well, it's great. Not in the game itself but the mise-en-scène, the universe, ambiance. The graphics are ...
Jul 15, 2013
11:32:00 PM
I used to be daily a reader of Dilbert - the comic strip. On the website (http://www.dilbert....
Jun 25, 2013
5:24:00 AM
There are not a lot of paradises on this corner of the earth, but there's one sure hell: charsets with MySQL. MySQL has the peculiar idea of defaulting everything to latin1. Everything. Everything should be utf-8 of course, just because it fucking works ...
May 28, 2013
12:43:00 PM
Ruzzle is a game on iPhone and Android involving small puzzles (4x4 grid of letters) and the ability of the player to find words in the grid. Of course, as soon as I saw this, I wrote a small program to cheat at it. Here is the cheat program. Of course ...
Apr 8, 2013
2:56:00 PM
I was reading in the news the birth of www.qwant.com, a new French search engine. So I said to myself "ok, let's go and have a look." I was in my bath with my iPhone. First impression isn't very good since the website doesn't have a mobile template so you ...
Feb 16, 2013
4:33:00 AM
We went with my wife and kids to see the Harry Potter studios in the UK. I have to admit that we all were fans of the books and movies, but I wasn't prepared to what went on over here. Being there, immersed in Harry Potter's universe as we had seen for so ...
Feb 12, 2013
7:32:00 AM
Credits go to xkcd of course.
Feb 3, 2013
7:27:00 AM
Well, I changed jobs a (very) little while ago and with a new job comes a new keyboard. And with this new keyboard, invariably, comes a new CAPS LOCK key. So I usually wait a few weeks, not to come out too weird up front, and then I pop out the CAPS ...
Jan 9, 2013
2:20:00 AM
When it's time to update my resume, I always wonder if I should stick with the boring headings and bullet points. And now, I just stumbled on this website: http://www.1stwebdes...
Dec 12, 2012
6:30:00 AM
I have released my web-related bookmarks in an entry titled HTML and CSS resources. Here is another section about more general links to serve general IT and technical project needs.
Nov 28, 2012
1:38:00 AM
From a developer's perspective, a web application (called a website back in the days) is made of two parts: The server side code and the client side code. Writing a program for a web browser is something different than writing for a server. Most of the ...
Nov 19, 2012
11:30:50 PM
So, they made this new interface. It was once called Metro, but we now are instructed to not call it that way. That's all good. But how do we call it then? The problem is I want to blog about it. So what? Let's call it Metro. The hell with it. So, now ...
Nov 4, 2012
12:20:00 PM

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