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Blind Monkeys Everywhere

There are things you expect from big companies, like Google for example. You expect some level of talent. You expect scalability. You expect (now that it's so big) some level of treachery. But sheer incompetence? Well, I didn't. I should have known better.

It's all about me trying to create a new android app in the Google Play Console. That's where you create apps. Now, maybe because I am in Europe, who knows, but it asks you what type of data your app collects. In great details. So I check: Name, email, phone, id. Now, for each of those, it asks a few questions. I dutifully answered them.

Then, it tells you "To submit your Data safety questionnaire, you must let us know the target age group of your app, and other information about its contents". That's great! more questions. So you click on the link below entitled "Go to Target audience and content".

Then there is a popup. A popup. It tells you that "Any changes you haven’t saved will be discarded". All the stuff you dutifully answered. Will. Be. Discarded. Because in order to save it, you must first LEAVE THE PAGE. And discard it.

That's a new one for me. The only way to save your data is to discard it. Good job.

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Re: Blind Monkeys Everywhere

My nation has socialized healthcare and they recently moved all their stuff to a centralized website. They must have hired the same developer, because it did the exact same thing. Fill in over a hundread fields, and when you try to get an appointment, it opens a new page that deletes all your stuff. My poor mom was almost going insane over it. I snooped in the console and found a js function that opens the correct window instead. They got rid of phone and email contacts too.

Re: Blind Monkeys Everywhere

There's always a fool in a big crowd... P.S. Could you add the Ruby port of lz_string (https://github.com/Altivi/lz_string) to the README.md of https://github.com/pieroxy/lz-string please... Thanks! :D