Test your CSS media queries features

The media query diagnostic tool

This tool will detect many features of your browser / device (called a user agent.) It is designed to display the exact value of the various features tested. Visit this page with as many devices as you want in order to get the values you need. This will help understand how these values work across devices and should give more insight as to which media queries you should use to have the desired result.

If you want to give some feedback, see my blog entry on the subject.

I've also set up a page showing the results of this test on different devices (the ones I've got in my hands). I'll update that list with the devices I've been able to put my hands on, but if you want to get your device on that list just leave me a comment on that blog entry after taking the test stating which device you used. I'll be able to get the values from my log files and I'll add it to the list.

The test is in progress. It usually takes a few seconds.