Cheat at Ruzzle

Enter your letters in the proper order:


How to use the Ruzzle Solver ?

  • With your phone in your hands, open this webpage on your computer or tablet
  • Type the board letter in the textfield at the top of the page
  • click on the "bonuses" (TW, DW, DL, TL) at the right places
  • The selected words appear here. They are sorted by decreasing score (the best ones on top).
  • Just type them in your puzzle. You will usually have 1:30 left to do so which is more than enough to type in the big ones. You'll win all the time! It's so unjust...

Doesn't work?

  • Here is the dictionary used (thanks!)
  • The dictionary is not the same as the one used by Ruzzle, but is very close in my experience. It may happen that a word proposed here is not accepted by Ruzzle or that Ruzzle know words that this tool doesn't. In practice, it doesn't happen often and doesn't really matter.
  • When entering a word, remember to use letters tagged TW ou DW when you have a choice between several.
  • Feedback? Sure, leave a comment on the blog.