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I have released my web-related bookmarks in an entry titled HTML and CSS resources. Here is another section about more general links to serve general IT and technical project needs.
Nov 28, 2012
1:38:00 AM
From a developer's perspective, a web application (called a website back in the days) is made of two parts: The server side code and the client side code. Writing a program for a web browser is something different than writing for a server. Most of the ...
Nov 19, 2012
11:30:50 PM
So, they made this new interface. It was once called Metro, but we now are instructed to not call it that way. That's all good. But how do we call it then? The problem is I want to blog about it. So what? Let's call it Metro. The hell with it. So, now ...
Nov 4, 2012
12:20:00 PM
Ok, ok, everyone has seen them. Yet. Those pictures are pretty impressive. http://www.google.co...
Oct 21, 2012
2:14:00 AM
I'm going to rephrase a post I made on Slashdot in Jan 2012. It is about the digital medium in the internet era and how the information economy (books, movies, music) will be affected by it. Make no mistake here, I'm not taking sides, I am just trying to ...
Oct 19, 2012
9:33:00 AM
Markus Jakobsson has a nice column on wired.com about passwords, what to do and what not to do. While he makes a nice point in security vs practicality (and the bad password 'evaluation' of most sites), I think he basically gives flawed advices. His ...
Oct 18, 2012
2:23:00 PM
I recently upgraded my iPhone 4S with iOS6. A few novelties made the change a nice one, but no clear revolution. Of course the "Maps" app did undergo a major overhaul but that's for another entry. But there's something else new that I'd like to talk ...
Oct 15, 2012
1:04:00 AM
You've got a website. Good for you. There is a good case to be made for online advertising. And there is an equally compelling case to be made against. Whether or not you should include advertisement to your website is out of the scope of this little ...
Oct 9, 2012
3:52:00 AM
The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change ...
Oct 8, 2012
12:37:00 AM
These last few weeks, the press reported a number of incidents with the iPhone. More than isolated incidents, this phenomenon looks more and more like a global issue, and we dare think that the government should step in and declare it a public health ...
Aug 28, 2009
5:46:00 AM
I have already talked about my now ex phone: The SPV-C500. This was a phone running Windows Mobile. I now own an iPhone. I probably never would have bought an iPhone, but it was a gift. Until I got one, I was very interested by the iPhone. No doubt I ...
Jan 31, 2008
5:34:00 AM
amazon.com (along with others) have started to offer MP3 downloads. No DRM, no hassle. You pay, you download, you own a copy. As simple as pirating the file. As for free music downloads (such as the Radiohead initiative and the latest Harvey Danger album ...
Nov 25, 2007
4:54:00 AM
Disclaimer: The following is a fiction, all liability discarded - or so I hope. I used to buy CDs when it comes to acquiring music. I do not do it much anymore, even though I haven't completely stopped. The new distribution I use is called P2P. Why?
Jun 6, 2006
4:45:00 AM
A while ago, I discovered eBay. It had all the required attributes (for me) to make itself an indispensable companion: Simple, free and efficient. And I created my first Paypal account, which had all the attributes required (for me) to make the perfect ...
Dec 9, 2005
5:59:00 AM
Well, I thought that after 6 month you can get a more in depth review. First of all, I am not a reviewer, so forgive me, but I have tested only stuff that I use.
Dec 8, 2005
4:22:00 AM
I recently decided that online music was worth a shot. For plenty of reasons, convenience, price, vastness of the catalog, etc... Then began my quest for an online music service. And my discovery of audio formats and DRM. I assumed stupidly that I would ...
Aug 2, 2005
4:15:00 AM
It is fate that drove me to this smartphone. I would have hesitated in getting a Windows CE smartphone. Well, I own one now. You can have a look at the Wikipedia article as this phone is known by different names in different countries. What is there to ...
Aug 2, 2005
2:52:00 AM
We have seen all the wonders of digital information in part 1, and then the wonders of an adequate tool in part 2. All that can't be all good, can it? No, because there is nothing worse about digital data than to see it vanish before your eyes. Especially ...
Mar 6, 2005
5:59:00 AM
The computer is THE tool to work on all kinds of digital media. The reason it is so popular is that it leverages the very unique advantage of digital media over analog: The ability to clone without loss. You can transfer a picture from your digital camera ...
Feb 15, 2005
5:53:00 AM
The terms "analog" and "digital" are used when it comes to store or transmit the representation of a signal (audio, video, etc...). A signal lives in the real world in an analog form. For a while now, humans have been looking for ways to transmit and ...
Feb 13, 2005
5:48:00 AM

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