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Is it lunch yet?
I get it, you're hungry. Because luch time can never be too soon, I've designed this webpage: http://isitlunchyet....
Jul 30, 2016
Garbage Collectors are awesome (until they bite back)
It's all in there: http://labs.criteo.c...
Jun 1, 2016
JPEG Compression: Is 80 the magic quality - Part 1 - the retina screens
Foreword - encoding JPEGs How do you encode your JPEGs ? Let's take a concrete example. You you have a 150x150 image. You want to compress it in JPG, but which quality settings should you use? JPEG encoders usually take a quality setting as a parameter, ...
May 1, 2016
Hamburger anyone?
Under the idea of learning something new every day, I stumbled upon a nice article depicting the flaws of the hamburger menu. And I learned a thing or two. So instead of rehashing the article here, I invite you to click the link above, leave my website ...
Oct 30, 2015
node.js vs Java nashorn
Why did I test it? In my current Java project, I make some use of JavaScript. Performances were quite horrendous with Rhino in java 6 and 7, but in Java 8 there is a brand new JavaScript runtime: Nashorn. Its principal feature is that it's much faster ...
Jun 29, 2015
mdadm: replacing a disk
It's the first time for me that a HDD in a raid1/5 array fails on me. I guess there has to be a first time for everything. Anyways, I have a 6-2TB disk raid5 array for a total capacity of 10TB. I've had that array for now about 5 years. It's filled ...
Apr 5, 2015