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lz-string: We'll try to make it faster

I've setup a small page where I share my findings in trying to optimize the implementation of lz-string. This work will continue in the coming weeks. You can leave a comment in this blog entry for any feedback.

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Re: lz-string: We'll try to make it faster

What about asm.js ?
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Re: lz-string: We'll try to make it faster

«What about asm.js ?»

Yes, what about it? This lib is meant to run inside browsers. Whenever browsers support a new language — such as asm.js — I'll consider porting it.

Re: lz-string: We'll try to make it faster

asm.js is supported by all browsers. Firefox and Chrome accelerates asm.js lz4 has been built with asm.js already https://github.com/ukyo/lz4.js you might want to check that out I do like the convenience of lz-string converting strings and base64 though
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decompress LZString in server side(java)

I am trying to send base64 details from client side(java script) to server(java). In order to reduce the base64 size, I am using lz-string.js as follow: var base64Data = "0dYWVpjZGVmZ2hpanN0dXZ3eHl6g"; var compressed = LZString.compress(base64Data); As you aware Once it compressed by LZ the data will look like follow: enter image description here Hence I am sending the data to server side by following Ajax call: var formData = "img="+compressed"; jQuery.ajax({ url : "/myapplication/Saverequest", type: "POST", data : formData, cache: false, async:false, success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) { "); I can able to retrive the data in my action class(java) as it is. But I cant decomplress the the data. I do requrie the same I sent !(refer : base64Data) I did use few code in online regarding LZ (LZString.Java) but it is not decompressing the data!!