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Migration of Arbitrage from Windows to Mesos
Note: Arbitrage is a "big" application in our ecosystem. Read further to see how big. This article is the last piece of our series about migrating apps at scale from .net (so, on Windows) to .netCore, on Mesos. It recaps the whole process: ...
Sep 7, 2020
Apple is so great
Apple invented the personal computer with the Apple II, igniting the personal computer revolution. Apple is unique in that regard. Apple made the mouse ubiquitous and popular, as well as the GUI. That's goundbreaking. Apple changed twice of CPU ...
Apr 24, 2020
Devoxx 2018
A bit late, but better late then never, right? Here is my talk at devoxx 2018:
Jan 8, 2019
The importance of signal / noise ratio, or how Facebook is shooting itself in the foot.
I subscribed to Facebook in January 2008. It was the trendy thing to do, and I found it quite useful. It brought a new type of connection with my friends. I had friends abroad with which keeping in touch was a bit challenging. We could now interact ...
Oct 15, 2018
Tired of so many notifications ...
I'm not going to rehash it all, Beth Skwarecki said it perfectly, with practical tips and tricks: https://lifehacker.c...
Sep 28, 2018
Pure madness
The other day I was waiting on a disqus blog to start up, loading the comments section. I have a 20MB/s ADSL line. I can download at 1.8 Mega Bytes per second without any issue. The browser was spinning for so long that I decided to hit F12 in Firefox ...
Mar 27, 2017